The Demand Networks, LLC is a research, consulting, organizational and customer development firm specializing in deep and sustainable customer engagement. You can no longer engage on the level that makes a difference by developing products internally and selling them to your customers. We help you shift from "inside-out" to "outside-in" so that you resonate with what matters the most to your customers/members and reach a new level of competitiveness in your market.  This is because we offer you:

A New Basis for Growth: Where conventional strategies focus on the “hard” aspects of a business model, we will help you understand and capitalize on the real drivers of sustainable growth—people, relationships and culture. 

A Different Approach to Deep Customer Engagement through in-depth and contextual understanding of customers; a path of continuous engagement and co-development. 

An Outside-In Realignment of your core business--membership, product development, business model--with the destination your customers want to reach.

We are passionate about helping you create authentic, collaborative and value-generating relationships with your key stakeholders--customers/members, staff, partners, market influencers--and placing them at the core of your business.



By Dan Varroney President & CEO, Potomac Core Reprinted with permission from It’s been seven years since the end of the great recession and one economist thinks there is a 60% chance of a recession next year. As global uncertainty and slow U.S. economic growth dominate the landscape, CEO’s...

Contact us about our new leadership learning community for developing innovative, outside-in, leadership capabilities  I have spent, it seems, several lifetimes trying to help associations, universities and other knowledge services break out of the status quo and grow.  But growth today is based on an organization’s capacity for constant innovation....

A longtime CEO of a trade association, a witty and charming gentleman, approached me at a recent retreat to comment on what he thought was ignorance on my part. This is because, he concluded, I was talking about radical rather than incremental change. Which must only be due to the...

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